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The Genteel Origins of Tennis and the Serve - The New York Times

He perfected the American twist (what we call a kick serve today), leaving a permanent imprint on the game. In 1932, Ellsworth Vines dominated tennis with his murderous serve.

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This serve is the most basic kick serve and most players will use it for the second serve a large percentage of the time, especially on hard courts. When well executed this serve is heavy and difficult to deal with because it can bounce well above the returner's preferred contact height.

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This kick-serve-only developmental rule helps my students permanently assimilate the kick with little chance of reverting back to old habits. Another added benefit of forcing players to hit only kicks: they will have to learn to win with their groundstrokes rather than by banging big first serves as so many young kids (especially in the US) try ...

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The term kick serve is ambiguous. It may be used as a synonym for the twist serve or the American twist. However, kick serve is commonly used to refer to any serve with heavy topspin or kick on it. Servers can gain a tactical advantage by varying the type of serve and the ball's placement.

What Is A Kick Serve? | Ultimate Guide - Dad Racket

The kick serve relies on a relaxed arm that has enough power to whip around the body moving up and over before connecting with the ball. Due to the incredibly fast racket-head speed when performing a kick serve, the tennis player is able to put a large amount of top and side spin on the ball. Due to the top spin, the ball will dip as it flies ...

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The kick serve has been around since the end of the 19 th century. The ball is tossed up over the head and the racket brushes up and through it from roughly a 7 o’clock to 1 o’clock position. If done properly, the ball should arch over the net and then hit the ground with topspin and bounce up towards the receiver.

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Stefan Edberg’s Kick Serve. Country: Sweden. Born: Jan. 19, 1966. Height: 6-foot-2 . Plays: Right-handed. Career: 1983-96. Bottom line: That Stefan Edberg was able to win six Grand Slam singles titles without an overpowering serve was sort of an anomaly. He was one of the best — if not the best — serve-and-volley player of all time, and that was how he won.

How to Hit a Kick Serve in Tennis: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Use a kick serve as your second serve in a singles or doubles match. Tennis players use kick serves as an efficient and accurate second serve. They do this because a kick serve forces your opponent to return a ball that has tremendous spin and bounces higher than the normal flat or slice serve. As a second serve, the kick serve is more likely to surprise your opponent and keep you from losing a point.

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